Hire a Tower Crane Operator, Rigger, Dogman, or Rigman and Make Sure Your Rigging is Done Correctly

Many commercial and large-scale residential construction projects require the use of a tower crane, which offers an excellent blend of power and accessibility. Tower cranes are fastened securely to the ground through slabs of concrete, which are in turn attached to tall masts. This type of structure allows the crane to carry significant quantities of material without toppling, and to lift this material to areas that shorter cranes cannot reach. However, tower cranes are also expensive and intricate pieces of equipment that need to be operated by highly-trained operators. If your company is considering the use of a tower crane in your work, you’ll need to find a trustworthy solution for tower crane operator hire so that you can ensure success with this valuable tool.


Crane Crew Roles: What’s Involved with Tower Crane Rigging Hire?


Using a tower crane takes more than one person, so you’ll also have to look for professionals who can fill the other responsibilities involved. In addition to finding an operator, you’ll need to find a tower crane rigger for hire, also known as a dogman or a rigman. On some crews, these terms apply to slightly different positions, while on others they are used interchangeably. Both a rigger and a dogman have the same basic responsibilities, however:

  • Securing the crane’s load (via a process called slinging)
  • Direct the crane operator, especially when visibility is limited by light, weather, or other factors
  • Ensuring that the operator of the crane can land the load in the correct area safely

How JF Cranes Can Give You the Support You Need


Finding a qualified tower crane dogman or rigger for hire is just as vital as making sure you have the right person to operate it. When you contact JF Cranes, we can provide you with personnel capable of filling all these positions. Our business has been succeeding for more than three years, and we’ve worked with clients in numerous industry sectors. People commonly approach us for tower crane rigman hire when they are working on prestige infrastructure projects such as skyscrapers in populated urban areas.


Tower cranes are also occasionally used in the erection of communications towers, temporary structures used for entertainment purposes, and numerous other buildings. In almost every case, however, a tower crane is used for high-cost work that you must complete efficiently with minimal risk to the people and equipment involved.


Make sure you’re investing in professionals at the highest level when you trust JF Cranes to provide the crew for the tower crane on your next project. Reach out to us now and ask to speak with someone on our staff so that you can learn more about how we select our talent, what our training methods are, or any other point on which you may have questions. One of our representatives will be happy to provide you with the information you need so that you can make an informed decision and increase the odds of success for your organisation.