JF Cranes are a leading crane service and rigging company that offer highly skilled crane operators to clients. We also provide Dogman and Riggers at economical rates.


Our team is passionate about client satisfaction and service. We understand the importance of having efficient cranes on a building site and we’re here to supply them to you.


Building confidence with clients is our aim. We invest in long term relationships by providing a high level of service at affordable prices.


Choosing the correct crane can often be a strenuous task, that’s why we’re happy to get involved and take away the hassle - so you can focus on the more important factors of your project.


Here at JF Cranes, we have many years’ experience in the industry and focus on delivering excellent customer service whilst managing cost and minimising risk. Our strong emphasis on OH&S ensures our employees, clients, and stakeholders are safe at all times. We invest in long term relationships with our customers by providing an excellent service at reasonable prices. Most of our work comes from repeat custom and recommendation.


We work with a variety of clients and on a range of different projects both big and small. We understand that no two projects are the same and that’s why we work with you to ensure the best possible results. Some of our clients include but are not limited to: ● Local builders who require a crane for relatively small or conservative development ● Large construction companies building entire complexes ● Major public projects such as bridges and other forms of infrastructure



Safety Assurance


When you work with JF Cranes, you get the right solution for your project.  We can supply the equipment necessary or simply supply the crew members you need for a safe and effective crane project. To learn more about our services and our crane crew hire give us a call today.


OH&S is a High Priority for JF Cranes in offering our Crane, Rigging, and Dogman Services


Occupational health and safety (OH&S) is at the top of our priorities at JF Cranes.  When we first opened our doors, we asked ourselves what we wanted to offer to our clients.  Ultimately, the answer was that we wanted to provide quality service at an economical rate with safety in mind.  Peace of mind with a team that work with you to get the job done is the central motivation of the culture we build at JF Cranes.


Jobsite Safety and Why It Matters


We have established ourselves as one of Sydney’s most reliable crane hire companies, largely because we are committed to safety.  A single mistake during a crane lifting operation can jeopardise lives and cause great damage and loss to all stakeholders of a project. By committing to OH&S standards, JF Cranes takes responsibility to minimise these risks and provide peace of mind with our services.


How do we ensure safe crane operations? We take the extra steps to ensure your project will be covered with the correct permits, Job Safety & Environmental Analysis (JSEA) and lift studies put in place before we start working with you.  Once on site we asses the job in greater detail and work with your team to establish any additional hazards to be included in our commitment to you.  Ensuring safety is everyone’s business - we take the extra time at the beginning of each project to ensure your peace of mind throughout.  These strategies and policies help us provide crane operators, riggers and dogman services that are extremely thorough and reliable. This track record of safety has built confidence with our clients and enabled us to establish long-term relationships with many businesses.