Franna Cranes

Franna’s are versatile and multipurpose allowing use in workshops, construction sites and manny other pick and carry work.

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Do You Need a Crane Operator for Your Next Project? Hire a Crane Operator, Dogman or Rigger from JF Cranes 

From construction to maintenance and beyond, JF Cranes offer all your crane hire services.  If you require a crane operator, rigger, dogman, or a complete crane crew, we can supply what you need for your next project.  Our team are highly experienced and collectively have experience in mining, civil, construction, demolition and maintenance work. We offer a vast wealth of experience, operating with efficiency and safety in mind as the foundation for production.  

Finding the Right Crane Hire at JF Cranes 

Whether you require short term labour hire or a crew of Riggers, Dogman or Crane Operators for your next project, we have the solution to meet your lifting needs.  Knowing the industry standards and what we provide will help you understand how we work with you when you choose to work with JF Cranes. 

Crane Hire and Labour Hire solutions we offer 

Crane operators - The driving force behind production is in the hands of a skilled crane operator. We place high a high focus on having crane operators that put in the work to keep the project flowing and consciously maintain production.  The right people produce powerful results and with a role that is paramount to production it makes sense to have a Crane Operator with the right attitude as part of your team.  Whether it be a Mobile Crane, Luffing Crane or Hammerhead Crane; we have qualified and experienced operators at hand for your next project at hand.  


Dogman - Communication is key with individuals coming together to work as a team in bringing a project to completion.  A good Dogman takes charge of more than just slinging a load safely and directing the crane - the Dogman on your next project will be the man on the ground ensuring a flow of sequence with all individuals on site working to get the job done. Communicating with the team and the crane operator to get the job done efficiently, effectively and safely is how we train our Dogman that work for JF cranes.  We take pride in supplying a Dogman that will be working with you, not just for you.


Rigger Hire -  We have a select crew of Riggers available for the jobs that are of a higher complexity.  Rigging requires a higher level of skill and safety and can require lift studies, certification and a guarantee of safety.  Our riggers are available for short or long term projects and can provide the winches, pulleys, lifting lugs and all gear needed for assembling or dissembling structures of all kinds.  We provide you with the lift studies, certification and safety requirements needed for peace of mind on your next high risk job.


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