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A luffing-jib crane, or a luffing crane, is an important piece of equipment for two situations. First, this type of crane is vital if the project in question is a very tall structure. Standard tower cranes can’t reach the same heights as luffing cranes, which makes them less well suited for tall buildings. Second, luffing cranes take up less ground space and have variable working radiuses, which means they are extremely useful for crowded or compact job sites. At JF Cranes, we offer luffing crane crew hiring options, including luffing crane rigger hires and luffing crane operator hires.


The Challenges of Luffing Cranes


The professionals on a crane operation crew—whether you are talking about the crane operator, the rigger (who selects the proper winches, gears and other rigging for a specific lifting job) or the dogman (who helps the crane operator monitor the movement of the crane, especially when it is out of sight of the crane cabin)—are responsible for ensuring safe, successful crane lifting operations. Their jobs revolve around careful planning and safe execution of lifts.


Every crane has unique challenges that the crane operators, riggers, and dogmen need to figure out how to handle. For tower cranes, the biggest issue is usually avoiding collisions. Since tower cranes are typically lower to the ground and have wider radiuses than luffing cranes, they pose a higher risk of collision. Crane crews need to be careful about lifting radius and trajectory to avoid damage to nearby properties, other construction equipment, existing structures and more.


With luffing cranes, the biggest challenges are posed by height. The maximum heights of luffing cranes mean that they are uniquely suited for building high rises and skyscrapers. However, these heights also introduce new challenges into the mix for the professionals tasked with planning the crane lifting operation. As such, if you have a project where a luffing crane will be involved, you need professionals who have been specifically trained for the challenges of luffing cranes. A crane operator with a resume that includes primarily tower crane jobs isn’t right for the role.


Choose JF Cranes for Your Luffing Crane Rigging Hire

At JF Cranes, we have the professionals you need to build your luffing crane crew. Whether you are looking for a full crew or need a luffing crane dogman hire to round out your team, we can help. Every person who works for us is properly trained, licenced, and experienced in the art of crane rigging, operation, or dogging. We have people on our staffing list whose experience spans tower cranes, mobile cranes, and luffing cranes. We also have people who have focused mostly on one type of crane throughout their career. No matter what you require for your job site, we have the crane lifting professionals necessary to ensure a safe and successful operation.


Whether you’re interested in learning more about us or need to arrange a luffing crane rigman hire, we hope to hear from you soon. Contact JF Cranes today to start planning your next crane operation.