Why OH&S Is a Top Priority for JF Cranes and Our Crane Rigging, Operator and Dogman Services

Occupational health and safety (OH&S) is at the very top of our priorities list at JF Cranes. Three years ago, when we first opened our doors, we asked ourselves what we wanted to offer to our clients. Ultimately, the answer was that we wanted to provide quality service at an economical rate. Central to that motivation was safety. Crane companies and the services they provide are made or broken based on planning and safety measures. We knew that the only we could operate a successful and respected crane rigging service was to make OH&S a central component of our entire operation.


Jobsite Safety and Why It Matters


Three years later, we have established ourselves as one of Australia’s most reliable crane hire companies, largely because we are so committed to safety. When not planned properly, crane operations can pose a risk to property, project timelines and personal safety, all at the same time. When you hire a crane rigger service, you are entrusting that company with the safety of your employees, clients, and stakeholders. A single mistake during a crane lifting operation can jeopardise lives, cause thousands of dollars in damage to job sites or building materials and set a project back weeks or even months. By committing to both OH&S and EHS (environmental health and safety) standards, our teams at JF Cranes minimise these risks on every single job site we enter.


How do we ensure safe crane operations? Familiarity with OH&S and EHS protocols only goes so far by itself, after all. At JF Cranes, we take the extra steps with our crane rigger and crane operator services to protect all involved parties. Everything from hiring the most qualified crane professionals on the market to meticulous planning of crane operations is part of our company philosophy. When you hire a crane dogman or rigman from JF Cranes, you can safely assume that each person has gone through the proper training, licencing, and on the job experience. We then assess every angle of each lifting job—from the nature of the job site to the type of load to be lifted—to determine the best rigging configuration and best lifting strategy to use.


These strategies and policies help us provide crane rigman and crane dogman services that are extremely thorough and impressively reliable. They make it possible for us to execute every lift without incident, whether we are handling something simple (like moving an empty shipping container) or something complex (like moving a hazardous payload). This track record of safety has built confidence with our clients and enabled us to establish lucrative long-term relationships with many businesses in Australia.


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Don’t leave job site safety in the hands of a crane company that doesn’t make OH&S a core focus. Instead, give us a call at JF Cranes and let us tell you more about how we protect our workers and our clients alike from the risks of crane lifting.