Do You Need Crane Operators for Your Next Project? Hire a Crane Dogman, Rigger, Rigman, or Other Types of Crane Workers from JF Cranes

From construction to maintenance and beyond, many projects demand the use of a crane. At JF Cranes, we not only offer crane hire solutions, but we also provide crane worker hire services. Whether you need a rigman, a dogman, or a complete crane crew, we can deliver the solutions you require. Our teams are highly experienced and have a history of working on many types of job sites.


Knowing the Lexicon of Crane Worker Hire; Finding the Right Crane Professionals at JF Cranes

If you’re looking for a crane and a crane crew for your next project, you may or may not be aware of all the terminology that exists in this industrial niche. Different crane professionals have different jobs titles. Knowing the basic crane operator lexicon will help you understand what you are paying for when you work with JF Cranes. It will also ensure that you get precisely the type of service or support that you need for your job site.


One thing we offer at JF Cranes is crane dogman hire. A dogman is a type of crane technician who engages in dogging. Dogging, meanwhile, is the term used to describe the techniques behind slinging and moving a load using a crane. A dogman is in charge of selecting lifting equipment for each crane application and inspecting the lifting equipment to make sure it is a safe and effective choice for the job. A dogman also assists the person who is actually operating the crane to move the load. Like any vehicle or any other piece of construction equipment, crane cabins have blind spots. The dogman is crucial for directing the movement of a load when the operator cannot see the load firsthand due to a blind spot.


We also offer crane rigger hire (or crane rigman hire) in Australia. A crane rigger works with the dogman to inspect job sites, loads and payload destinations to identify the best crane rigging for the job. The rigger then oversees the crane operations. The rigger’s job is ultimately to manage the movement of the payload without tilting, dropping, or otherwise becoming damaged. To ensure this safe movement of goods, the rigger selects and rigs up the correct gears, winches, pulleys and anchors for the crane application.


The crane operator, finally, is the person in the cabin, actually controlling the movements of the crane.


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When you work with JF Cranes, you get a comprehensive crane solution for your project. Not only do we supply the equipment necessary for your job—be it a tower crane or a franna crane—but we also provide the crew members you need for a safe and effective crane project. To learn more about our services, or to chat about the credentials behind our crane operator hires (or our other personnel hires), give us a call today.