Why Crane Operations Are So Complex—and How to Hire Crane Operators, Riggers, Dogmen and Other Labour Crew Services to Ensure a Successful Operation

Watching a crane lifting operation from a distance, you’d almost think it was effortless. The crane lifts something, swings to move it and then sets the load down in a destination location. Simple, right?


In actuality, crane lifting operations are extremely complicated. They involve detailed planning and numerous crew members. When you hire a crane for a project, therefore, you need to make sure you are working with a company that also offers superior crane crew services.


Planning a Successful Crane Operation


It’s true that the most basic crane operations don’t require a huge amount of planning. However, the fact is the most crane operations don’t fall into this category. Many crane lifting operations involve lifting extremely heavy or cumbersome payloads, on job sites where the slightest miscalculation might result in a collision or some other form of property or equipment damage. In the most complex lifting operations, the payloads are dangerous or hazardous themselves, or the job site itself is in a hazardous environment. In this situation, you need highly trained crane operators and crews to ensure a safe and successful load movement.


At JF Cranes, we offer the crane labour hire you need to guarantee a safe crane lifting operation, no matter the scenario. Our crane crew members are professionals with years of experience under their belts and in-depth knowledge of how to operate a wide range of crane equipment. From the crane riggers who select the rigging—including winches, pulleys, gears, and anchors—necessary to move each load to the operators that sit inside the crane cabin and man the controls, we can put together an entire crew of crane professionals to manage your project.


How JF Cranes and Our Crane Crew Services Can Help Your Project Reach Success

So much planning goes into a successful crane lifting operations. You need to choose the right equipment for the job. You must figure out where to put the crane and how to plot out the trajectory of the payload to eliminate collision risks. You must sling the load securely and then control it delicately throughout the moving process to prevent tilting or damage. You need a crane dogman on the ground to help the crane operator control the load when it isn’t visible from the cabin.


These considerations aren’t typically on the mind of the general contractor or construction company that is managing a job site. However, they are on our minds at JF Cranes, which is why we are the right business to bring in if your next project requires the use of a crane. From planning to rigging to execution, we can manage your lifting operation safely and strategically, no matter the load and no matter the job site environment.


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